Transform Into Highly-Skilled Professionals, Effective Communicators, And Killer Closers, to Skyrocket Your Revenue

Get access to materials that will equip you with the right tools and strategies to influence positive and productive behavior on your team and create lasting success for your business.

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Transform Your Team Into Highly-Skilled Professionals, Effective Communicators, And Killer Closers, And Skyrocket Your Revenue

Inside You'll Discover How To…

Capture Your Target Audience’s Attention (Value $1,997)

Master and deploy the strategies and tactics on how to attract more leads for your business and ultimately, turn them into loyal followers and customers.

Communicate And Influence Properly (Value $2,497)

Build a high-performing team with solid leadership and incredible productivity by understanding and applying ethos, pathos, and logos to your business.

Overcome Stress And Psychological Barriers (Value $1,897)

Find out how to deal with stress and conquer inner struggles so you can fully unleash your hidden potential as a leader.

Stand Out From The Sea Of Competition (Value $2,197)

Discover what makes you and your business unique, own it, and leverage it to establish authority in your market.

Tell Your Brand’s Story And Message (Value $1,797)

Use the power of meaningful storytelling to show your brand’s purpose and convey your message in a powerful way to attract the right audience.

And Much More Valuable Lessons About Self-Improvement, Leadership, And Business Management

Amplify Your Performance

Amplify Your Team’s Performance And Results

Inside AmplifiiTM Academy, you will be able to master the science behind effective and persuasive communications so you can finally multiply your revenue and bring massive success to your business.

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Inside, You’ll Get…

Total Value: $10,385!

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Joining this program is the best investment you can make for yourself if you’re looking to succeed in business and leadership. But we know you want to make sure you’re not exposing yourself to unnecessary risks, and that you can get your money’s worth.

That said, to make it easier for you, we are taking all the risks and will give you the option to try this program for 30 days and if you do all the steps outlined in the course and show proof that you did them within a 30-day period and did not make more than what this investment costs, you’ll get 100% of your money back, GUARANTEED.

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It's Time To Incorporate Solid Leadership Into Your Business!

Today, you have the opportunity to have a more productive and effective team in your business. So if your goal is to build a team of high-performing professionals with strong leadership and amazing productivity don’t waste any more time and get inside the program!
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Rene Rodriguez


For the last 27 years, Rene Rodriguez has researched and applied neuroscience to public speaking and business management.

One of the main challenges businesses face is the lack of effective leaders and communicators. And seeing the potential and the opportunity, Rene built Amplifii Academy to bring a powerful solution to businesses to produce and develop highly-skilled professionals.

Today, Rene shares his vast knowledge of leadership and communications through the academy to transform more entrepreneurs into pro communicators to both grow their businesses and impact their communities.

René Rodriguez

TEDx Speaker Best-Selling Author

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